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Yantai Jinhong Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. became a member of International Environmental City

Congratulations to Yantai Jinhong Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. for becoming a member of the International Environmental City. Yantai Jinhong Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise founded by returned overseas students and domestic professionals who have been engaged in membrane separation technology for many years, focusing on the research and development, production, sales and service of hollow fiber ultrafiltration membranes and microfiltration membranes. The company is located in the International Students Pioneer Park of Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone. It has advanced membrane manufacturing technology and equipment. It has gathered a group of outstanding professionals with rich practical experience and introduced scientific management experience.

MBR film treatment process

MBR membrane treatment process, water treatment has become a hot industry in recent years. The driving force of environmental supervision in recent years is the development of the water treatment industry. Promote the rapid construction of municipal infrastructure for sewage treatment facilities; on the other hand, industries increase investment in environmental protection and reduce pollutant discharge. The price of industrial water continues to rise and the cost of water treatment decreases. For enterprises and the industrial wastewater treatment industry, market demand is becoming a dual-driver "policy + market" policy. Policy and market factors are driving the development of the water treatment industry in two wheels, and the market space for industrial sewage treatment will be very promising.

Application of MBR film

Many factors are related to the stability of MBR membrane. In order to better MBR membrane, we need to understand these factors. What are the factors? Check it out below together.

Rural sewage treatment equipment needs to be carefully cleaned inside and outside

Rural sewage treatment equipment needs to be carefully cleaned inside and outside, and sewage treatment equipment brings convenience to everyone. Sewage treatment, equipment will be discharged. Will reduce domestic pollution and strengthen environmental protection. It is the advantage of rural domestic sewage treatment facilities.

Precautions for MBR film installation

MBR membrane ultrafiltration is related to the screening process of different membrane diameters. The pressure difference between the two sides of the membrane is the driving force, and the ultrafiltration membrane is used as the filter material. When passing through the membrane surface under environmental pressure, the surface of the ultrafiltration membrane material is covered with The tiny microplate only allows water and small molecular area water chemical analysis substances to be transformed into a passing liquid. The chemical research substances in the source solution whose volumetric efficiency exceeds the micro-diameter of the membrane surface are intercepted on the inlet side of the membrane and the tissue is extracted Liquid, keep the source liquid clean, separate, cultivate and extract the purpose.

Performance characteristics of domestic sewage treatment equipment

The performance characteristics of domestic sewage treatment equipment is very good. Membrane separation function does not require solid-liquid separation equipment such as precipitation and filtration. The suspended solids, colloids and microbial flora lost by the high-efficiency solid-liquid separation and purification water biological unit can be directly reused without three-stage treatment. Have high water quality safety.

Working principle of domestic sewage treatment equipment

The working principle of domestic sewage treatment equipment is that the removal of organic pollutants and ammonia nitrogen mainly depends on the AO biological information processing method in network equipment. The basic principle of its work is anaerobic + multi-stage A/O process: sewage → septic tank system → multi-stage A/O system → clarification tank → clean water reuse tank. Grade A, the concentration of sewage organic matter is very high, the microbial research is in an anoxic state, and the microorganisms are facultative microorganisms, which decompose the organic nitrogen conversion problem in the sewage into NH3-N, and use organic carbon sources as corporate electron donors to reduce NO2 -N and NO3-N are converted into N2, and the organic carbon source and NH3-N in this part are also used to synthesize new cell active substances.

Sewage treatment equipment is about what polluted river water is

Sewage treatment equipment depends on the various functions provided by urban rivers, such as receiving function, ecological environment function, landscape and beautification function, etc., about the pollution of river water. A healthy urban water environment is the sustainable and stable development of the city. Important basic guarantee. With the rapid development of our economy and continuous efforts to improve the quality of life, the discharge of industrial and agricultural wastewater and domestic sewage has been increasing year by year, causing serious pollution to our urban rivers.

What are the advantages of sewage treatment equipment

The sewage treatment equipment is buried under the surface, and the surface of the device can be used for green or other land use. This treatment is performed to promote the flow ratio of complete mixing or two series-connected complete mixing biological contact oxidation tanks for biological treatment effects based on oxidation. New elastic solid filler, large specific surface area, easy to hang microbial membranes, membranes, under the same loading conditions, high organic removal of organic matter, improve the solubility of oxygen in air and water. Compared with activated sludge method, the quality is stable and stable.

What is the working pressure of the hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane

The pressure range of the hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane is 0.1~0.6MPa, which refers to the pressure used by the standard solution system within the definition of ultrafiltration. To separate substances of different molecular weights, we choose ultrafiltration membranes with corresponding molecular weight cut-offs, and the effect of operating pressure will be different. Generally, the plastic shell hollow fiber internal pressure film, the shell compressive strength is obviously less than 0.3MPa.
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