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Product advantage one

Technical advantages. Focus on PVDFMBR membrane production and research and development for 8 years. Domestic wastewater, slaughter wastewater, breeding wastewater, food wastewater, chemical wastewater, municipal wastewater, medical wastewater, laundry wastewater, etc., we all have mature engineering cases and operating data.

Product advantage two

Service life. Ultrafiltration membrane 3-5 years; MBR membrane domestic sewage for more than 60 months; slaughter, food, medical wastewater 36 months; breeding, chemical industry 24-30 months; this is the actual case operation effect, the effluent quality is up to National standard.

Product advantage three

Professional on-site installation guidance, rich membrane debugging support (quickly solve common problems that are prone to membrane process debugging), and 24-hour technical service consultation.

Product advantage four

Delivery undertaking: regular models ensure a stock of 10 million all year round, and recycle delivery. Domestic delivery is basically daily, which is undertaken by four logistics companies, Tiandi Huayu, Debang, Aneng, and Shentong.

Product advantage five

For customers of the environmental protection platform, we provide free experimental data in all kinds of sewage to help you solve difficult problems in the process of membrane application and ensure that the effluent is stable and meets the standard.

Product advantage six

After 8 years of official sales in China, none of them complained about quality problems, none of them complained about payment problems, and none of them failed to get the payment back due to problems with the products I provided.

Product advantage seven

Organize high-quality purchasers to visit and inspect the project site once a year, share classic cases, and improve the engineering company's membrane process technology level.

Product advantage eight

A technical exchange meeting is organized every year to provide on-site answers to the questions and doubts raised by the engineering companies in the membrane process.

Product advantage nine

Project cooperation. Because we don't do engineering, we can share high-quality terminal buyers with you and achieve a win-win situation.

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