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Independent research and development of PVDF membrane formula

Many companies purchase formulas directly, but our company develops independently, and continuously improves the proportioning process based on the actual application data of membrane filaments in different water quality, and always keeps pace with the national water quality standards for sewage treatment, so as to continuously provide customers with The best quality membrane products.


Digital and networked control spinning

From the raw material mixing reaction time, the reaction temperature, the reaction temperature of the film filament exiting and pore formation, the exiting rate, soaking, dehydration, etc., all are based on digital and networked control to ensure the accuracy, quantity, and strength of each membrane filament. , Toughness and precise control of resistance. Regarding the yarn output rate, many companies only consider the cost and ignore the film yarn characteristics. Those who have visited the membrane workshop should know that it is rare to have a single thread on one head, and many of them have 6-10 threads. The more filaments with, the thinner material and thinner wall are required, which will damage the strength and toughness of the membrane filaments greatly. In order to ensure the strength, toughness and service life of the membrane filaments, our company increased the membrane filament wall thickness to 0.35mm. So we have a slow rate of wire output. With only one wire at one end, although the cost is higher than other manufacturers and the profit is thin, we are more concerned about the practicability and durability of the product.

Unique, anti-pollution membrane hole forming process

At present, most of the membrane products on the market are filtration with finger holes. The prepared membrane filaments have poor mechanical properties, less resistance to acid and alkali cleaning, and are prone to fouling. Because the finger holes have no dense layer, they are long. If it runs over time, many pollutants stay in the middle part. It is difficult to clean by recoil, and the flux decays quickly. Most of these products are used in drinking water projects, including household components, and the cost is relatively low.


Advanced sealing technology

Conventional ultrafiltration membranes, MBR membranes: We use two pourings to ensure that the membrane filaments run stably for a long time in the module. The first pouring is made of hard glue, which has the function of fixing the membrane wire and preventing water leakage; the second pouring is made of soft glue, which protects the root of the membrane wire, because everyone knows that due to the phenomenon of wire crawling, the first time is hard After the glue is poured, it will crawl about one centimeter, so that the bottom of the film is often brittle, and a kind of shear force is formed during the air washing or backwashing process. The roots of the membrane filaments are broken, which affects the quality of the effluent. Therefore, we poured a layer of soft glue on the climbing wire. This reduces root shear. Effectively prevent root breakage.

High temperature resistant ultrafiltration membrane

In actual sales, we encountered customers who needed to handle high-temperature liquids. If you wait until the liquid temperature drops, energy is wasted. We have successfully developed high-temperature resistant ultrafiltration membranes based on customer requirements and our own R&D capabilities. Conventional ultrafiltration membranes generally have a maximum working temperature of about 45 degrees. We use high-quality PVDF materials, and the high temperature resistance of the membrane can reach more than 100 degrees. At the same time, the use of high temperature resistant pipes and a special sealing process enable our high temperature resistant ultrafiltration to operate safely at high temperatures of 70-90 degrees.


Unique anti-leakage and anti-degumming process

The most headaches of ultrafiltration in practical applications are degumming, leakage and dripping. In order to prevent degumming, we use 4 processes to treat the shell of the ultrafiltration membrane, and increase the close combination of the shell and the glue.

1. The outer side of the PVC outer cylinder is drawn with a channel, with a spacing of 8cm, and a total of 2

2. The inner side of the PVC outer cylinder is napped, and the whole surface is napped every 2mm. Increase the contact area between hard rubber and pvc pipe.

3. The glue contact surface of the PVC outer cylinder is polished to 1mm, and the release agent in the pipe production process is first removed. Second, increase the contact area with the head to prevent leakage.

4. In the same way, pull the canal and hair on the inside of the two big rollers

Adopt advanced water distributor system

In traditional ultrafiltration, the hydraulic head directly impacts the root of the membrane when water enters. A large shear force is formed at the root of the membrane filament, which is the main cause of the membrane filament breakage. We use a 6-cell L-shaped water separator system to make the inlet water enter the module through the L-shaped channel, which greatly relieves The shearing force of the incoming water on the membrane filaments ensures the service life of the membrane filaments. At the same time, this water distribution system also solves the local pollution, bottom pollution and pollutant accumulation caused by uneven hydraulic distribution. Everyone knows that if water enters directly from the bottom, it will be difficult for the bottom deposits to wash out the contaminants by backwashing over time, and we have solved this problem well.

The central tube adopts 4 horizontal holes and 6mm water outlet holes with a spacing of 10cm to relieve the impact of the water inlet pressure on the membrane wire and increase the service life.


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